Detoxify your pores in 5 minutes with this TikTok approved face mask


If you need a little more conviction to check out this face mask, just read these reviews from Sephora buyers.

One of them wrote: “I bought this product a few days ago because I saw it on tiktok and wanted to try it. When I first applied the product, it was nice and smooth, with a slight scent but not an extreme scent. I love how it pushes all the oil and waste in your pores to the surface. It was so easy and pleasant to wash off . after my skin felt smooth and hydrated. I was literally glowing … I had no sensitivity, which I literally love! “

Another buyer shared, “I just bought it and used it for the first time. I am writing this review immediately after first use because it actually helped me extract a milia stain that I was using. had been under my eyes for many months and that was very stubborn. “

One fan said, “This mask is literally perfect! It cleanses my pores, leaving me with soft, clean baby skin!”

“My acne has diminished overnight every time I use this mask! My skin is also very soft and it is also noticeably brighter,” explained a buyer of Sephora.

Another person said: “This is honestly the best face mask. It will leave your skin extremely clean.”

“This is the best mask I have ever used. I have combination skin, huge pores in my T-zone and my cheeks are generally clear. Last year with the stress I started to have rashes on the cheeks, very bad acne scars I used it once and immediately noticed how clearer my cheeks were !!! My pores were smaller this will of course come with time, it is not a permanent solution for large pores. But it made such a difference in my skin! If you are about to try this, do it! It still is sold out for a reason! And it smells so good! 10/10 “, exclaimed a buyer of Sephora.

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