Deirdre Reynolds: I will continue to wear my face mask even after my period is lifted

Lip filler salons rejoice as face masks seem like a thing of the past.

The mandatory wearing of masks everywhere, from schools to stores, goes on the window Monday week, which is, incidentally, where much of the disposable PPE has also gone after a reported 9,000% increase in litter of face masks during the pandemic.

That leaves TikTok star Hareem Shah, who told how she fled a lip-plumping date halfway after discovering her bank accounts had been frozen, in a rather awkward place.

Just two years ago, channeling Michael Jackson in a surgical mask on the go seemed about as crazy as naming your child “Blanket.”

Now I find myself among the nearly 50% of people here who have said how they will continue to wear a face covering and keep their distance from others long after-the-thing-I-promised- never-again-mention-be in the mirror mirror.

When Beckett said “life is a habit” he probably wasn’t talking about remembering to grab a KN95 before rushing to the big store, but after being forced to do just that for the past 24 months, it’s going to take more than a few soothing words from Micheál Martin to convince me to stick my nose in the frozen food aisle anytime soon.


A statue of James Joyce with a Covid-19 face mask (Niall Carson/PA)

A statue of James Joyce with a Covid-19 face mask (Niall Carson/PA)

Accepting Nphet’s advice to ditch masks as a must on Friday, the Taoiseach admitted many might prefer to keep their muzzles a secret in busy shops or crowded buses as flu season continues.

“People, where they feel comfortable, will make their own decisions and personal behavior will be important here,” he said – which is Dáilspeak for “free for all”.

Since the outbreak, masks have been front and center on both sides of the debate.

In the end, when the 2020 and 2021 episodes of Reeling in the Years air, I’m sure we’ll be wincing just as much at the sight of the shoppers going after the latest box of surgical masks as the defiant grannies jailed for refusing to wear one.

Given that science shows that wearing a well-fitting mask reduces the risk of infection between 50pc (for a cloth mask) and 83pc (for the tighter-fitting KN95 or N95), I hope to at least be on the bright side of the story with this one.

Round me up with all the other “sheep”, but I was perfectly happy to have my personal freedom trampled on to protect the most vulnerable members of the family at the height of a global pandemic.

Damn, in the pits of confinement, might as well admit that I would have worn a straitjacket if it meant being able to step out of the house for a flat white or a blow-dry.

He’s the Los Angeles businessman who lost $1.5 million on the world’s most expensive diamond and gold face mask that I’m most sorry for.

With 94.5% of Ireland’s adult population now fully vaxxed, there’s every reason to let Hannibal Lecter look behind us as we move from the emergency phase to the transition phase this spring, along with the maskholery on display by both sides, not to mention the appalling words. like ‘mask’.

But if muzzling for just a little longer helps me and the others feel a little safer, then pass the beans and a good Chianti.

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