Davao City’s Face Mask Ordinance Amended

The Davao City Council approved on suspended rules the modification of the local ordinance on wearing face masks to align it with the provision of Presidential Executive Order No. 3.

“Ordinance 0307-20, Series of 2020 as amended by the City of Davao, requiring the mandatory wearing of face masks at all times in public places has become inconsistent with the provisions of said ordinance which authorizes the wearing of a face mask in open spaces and non-crowded outdoor spaces and therefore it is necessary to modify it,” said Councilwoman Luna S. Acosta, chair of the Committee for Peace and Public Safety, during the 15th regular session of the 20th Council Municipality of Davao.

Acosta said the Davao City task force has reported that the city has already achieved herd immunity as a result of vaccination efforts.

“There are only a minimal number of Covid-19 cases based on the record and the rollout of vaccination in the city is very active,” she said.

“Based on the above, our city is well positioned to take further steps in easing the restriction against Covid-19 in an attempt to slowly resume our normal pre-pandemic life,” Acosta added.

On September 21, 2022, Davao City Mayor Sebastian Z. Duterte passed Presidential Executive Order No. 03 through Executive Order (EO) No. 43-2022 which allows Dabawenyos to voluntarily wear face masks outdoors.

Meanwhile, Acosta said changing the city ordinance will allow the city to be what it was before the pandemic.

However, Acosta pointed out that Dabawenyos are still required to wear a face mask if they are in crowded places, which refers “to a place whether indoors, outdoors, mobile or fixed where five or more people cannot maintain a physical distance of at least one meter from each other”. .”

She added that people who are not fully vaccinated, the elderly, the immunocompromised and if they have symptoms of Covid-19 are asked to wear the face mask. KSD

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