Covid Protocol Police drive to Kolkata to ensure Covid mask protocol

The Bidhannagar police station launched a campaign through several locations, including Teghoria, Kaikhali and Salt Lake in northeast Calcutta, against people who did not wear masks or had them hung from their chins.

Many received “severe warnings” and those who did not wear face coverings were given masks.

An officer at the police station said driving was an “ongoing process” but they were placing more emphasis on wearing masks due to the upsurge in Covid cases. “We want to make people understand that wearing masks in public places was very important. “

The telegraph had reported on Thursday how the Kolkatans had let their guard down and many were spotted across the city without any facemasks.

The police station has also sent a notice to New Year’s party organizers as well as shopping center and park authorities to ensure people adhere to the Covid-19 protocol.

“We have already communicated to all the organizers for a strict implementation of the Covid-19 standards in the places which attract the crowds,” said Surya Pratap Yadav, Deputy Commissioner, Headquarters, Bidhannagar Police Station.

At Teghoria Market off VIP Road in northeast Calcutta on Thursday, cops beat both traders and customers who were not wearing masks.

At least two traders and one buyer have received warnings.

“Most had masks in their bags or pockets. The moment they spotted our team, they took them out and covered their faces, ”the officer said.

Public health experts believe masks are the first line of defense against Covid and even a fully vaccinated person should wear one while outings.

At Kaikhali market, a police officer said they got a series of apologies when they asked people why they didn’t have masks.

Dad, duto vaccine niye niyechi (I received both vaccines), Ei toh aajkei bhule gechi nite bari theke (I just forgot my mask at home today) “These are some of the reasons people in a crowded place as the market told us,” he said.

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