Confused about masks? We don’t blame you

The essential: With Philly’s mask mandate reinstated locally and federal requirements lifted on planes, trains and other types of transportation, many people are unsure where you should mask up. We don’t blame them: SEPTA, many airlines, and popular ride-sharing services don’t require masks, but most places you go using them do, at least in town. And while the city’s mask mandate follows Philly’s data-driven approach to COVID precautions, not everyone is. of course it’s the right decision – some people are even taking legal action to stop it.

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—Nick Vadala (@njvadala, [email protected])

In Philadelphia, wearing a mask is mandatory at the airport, but not on the plane. Not on a SEPTA regional wagon or at Jefferson Station downtown, but in the adjacent Fashion District mall. Probably at your final destination, but not in Uber or Lyft on the way. Confused? You’re not alone. Philadelphia stands out among major cities for reviving an indoor mask mandate just as federal requirements are being lifted on planes, trains and other types of transportation:

🛑 A lawsuit filed Saturday by multiple businesses and residents is trying to stop Philadelphia’s new mask requirement.

🏥 Surgeon General Denise Johnson will become the first black woman to lead Pennsylvania’s health department and the state’s fourth health secretary in two years.

🔒 Billions in federal subsidies, heaps of outdoor dining setups, and better access to high-quality groceries are just a few gains the restaurant industry has made in the age of the pandemic. But there were also losses.

💸 A Philadelphia man who pleaded guilty last year to using $1 million in COVID-19 relief money for personal expenses has been sentenced to several years in prison.

📈 Coronavirus cases were rising again in the region ahead of a holiday weekend with Easter, Passover and Ramadan, which may have posed increased transmission risks.

🏃 At the Boston Marathon, a Philadelphia nurse broke a record wearing nursing scrubs – and raising funds and awareness for the mental health and well-being of others in her profession.

📈 Coronavirus cases are increasing in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Follow the latest data here.

Last week, we asked what impact the latest indoor mask mandate will have on what you do in the city. Here is what you told us:

😷 “It won’t affect me at all. I wore a mask indoors (shops, stores, etc. as well as trains and trolleys) continuously, even after the mask mandate was dropped at home. inside.

⛔ “Fortunately, I don’t live in town and won’t be visiting. We canceled our attendance at a Union League party on the 23rd.”

😷 “It won’t matter. I’ve always worn a mask. I’m not stupid. And I’m triple vaccinated.

😔 “I live downtown. Most of my family lives in nearby towns outside of Philadelphia’s borders. Unfortunately, for the past two years my family will not be visiting the city and with the renewed mandate , she still won’t.”

🚫 “I live in Delaware County. Before Covid, I often went to Wilma, Annenberg Center and Ritz Five Theaters. Since Covid, I have stayed outside of Philadelphia. For me, the new mask rule does not change nothing.

😷 “I will come to Philadelphia with a mask. I don’t just protect myself and my extended family, I see wearing a mask as a sign of respect for the health of essential workers. »

🙅‍♀️ “For my part, I will not be visiting any museums of which I am a member in the city until this is lifted. I will not be visiting the city for an evening of food and drink. No overnight stay at the hotel for us. Those in power who make these decisions are trying to take on the mantle of the ‘most progressive’ city by being the most restrictive.”

🙅‍♂️ “We’ll avoid Philly if we have to wear masks. My husband wanted to go to a concert but now he won’t.

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