College of optional masks sees increase in COVID cases and quarantines


SWANSBORO, NC (WITN) – A relevant person, who wishes to remain anonymous, has contacted WITN with concerns about a large number of COVID-19 cases and quarantines at Swansboro Middle School.

WITN has contacted schools in Onslow County about this concern. Although the school system did not give an exact number of students and staff, Onslow County School’s communications director Brent Anderson made a statement, which read in part: “Since the At the weekend, we saw an increase in the number of COVID cases in Swansboro Middle leading to an increase in the number of close contact quarantines. The school has informed students identified as close contacts to ensure they are aware of and are following proper quarantine procedures. “

Onslow County Director of Public Health Kristen Richmond-Hoover is concerned about the increase in cases among the younger population. “Our cases are really skewed towards the younger end of the spectrum and what is concerning about that is that when cases shift that direction towards the younger end, hospitalizations and deaths follow,” a- she declared.

Richmond-Hoover said cases evolve this way because young people continue to be the most vulnerable, as those 12 and under cannot get the COVID vaccine. “We continue to recommend masking for anyone in the K-12 setting, we really know this is a strategic layered approach that we are taking.”

According to the NC Public Health K-12 Toolkit 2021, if students wear masks and someone tests positive, exposed students do not have to self-quarantine, which keeps many children in school. .

“If you want your child to be able to continue learning in person, then we really need everyone to come together and make the decision to hide in favor of keeping kids in school,” Hoover said.

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