Brock to suspend COVID-19 vaccination and mask requirements effective July 4 – The Brock News

With COVID-19 cases trending down across the province and 93% of Ontarians age 12 and older fully vaccinated, Brock University to Suspend COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement Effective Monday, July 4. All members of the Brock community are still strongly encouraged to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and stay informed of recalls.

Brock’s decision reflects industry and broader community trends as the Ontario government lifted its vaccine mandate in March 2022. Most Ontario colleges and universities have removed their vaccine requirements. vaccines earlier this year.

While masks are still encouraged in environments where physical distancing cannot be maintained, the University will also waive its mask requirement.

This break also applies to residences, where vaccination and masks will no longer be compulsory as of July 4.

Masks and/or vaccines may continue to be required in specific research settings, particularly for certain types of in-person research with human participants, as determined with research ethics board guidance.

Brock will continue to take appropriate measures to maintain a safe working and learning environment on campus as the pandemic evolves, including maintaining the upgrades to ventilation systems on campus that were first introduced. in September 2021.

For this reason, vaccine and mask requirements are subject to change on short notice if the public health situation warrants.

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