Breathe easy with an antiviral face mask in this pre-Black Friday sale


Face masks have been essential in managing the pandemic, and in the future, they will be commonplace as a courtesy to keep our germs to ourselves. Still, keeping a clean mask and keeping one on hand can be a challenge. From the team at Keysmart, the ViralOff® Compressible Face Mask is designed to solve both problems with a mask that’s easy to pack, wear and clean. And for a limited time, you can save an extra 15% with our pre-Black Friday coupon, SAVE15NOV.

A self-cleaning mask

The Polygene fabric on which this mask is built is impregnated with silver chloride, which gives off silver ions. Ions cross the membranes of microorganisms and bind to their vital structures, killing them quickly.

From there, they become “zombies” because any other viruses or bacteria they interact with get invaded by the ions and die on their own. Within two hours, 99% of the microorganisms in your mask will be toasted, so you can put it on making sure you are not spreading your germs.

In addition, it is machine washable. So if you’re thorough, or just prefer a light scent of air freshener, put it in the laundry with confidence.

A mask still there

The convenience of this mask starts with the built-in bag you can fold it into. Throw it in your bag, put it in your pocket, or clip it to your keychain when you need it.

The mask itself is made up of two layers of breathable fabric to block particles while giving you maximum air circulation. And you can adjust it quickly with the rubber sliding earrings to fit firmly but comfortably to your face.

With the flu season approaching, it’s important to have a mask with you. It helps protect others and serves as a common courtesy. The ViralOff not only ensures that you will be able to get one quickly, but that it will be clean, every time.

Get the ViralOff® Compressible Face Mask for $ 18.66 (reg. $ 29) with coupon SAVE15NOV

Prices subject to change.

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