Boy mimics The Undertaker’s signature restaurant move. look

Almost all kids enjoy watching wrestling growing up and most also believe in the stories of the WWE be real. The ‘Dead Man’ gimmick that was played by The contractor is one of the most iconic characters ever created. Kids love to imitate iconic wrestler moves and imagine themselves standing in a ring. A kid’s video mimicking a move from The Undertaker is fun to watch and can also remind you of your childhood.

The video was posted on the ro_knows_wrestling Instagram page. It is owned by a boy named Ro who is a huge wrestling fan. In the video, wearing a face mask resembling The Undertaker, the boy is standing on a chair. The waiter raises his hands and the table behind him is set on fire by a chef. The ring would light up when The Undertaker raised his hands. The boy then removes his mask and utters the Deadman’s signature line. “Rest in peace,” the boy said, sternly mimicking the wrestler. At the end, many people are seen chanting “Undertaker” as the boy stands with his arms in the air.

Watch the video below:

The video was posted a day ago and it has received over 1.06 lakh views so far. The video also received many comments from netizens liking her performance.

“Outstanding Performance Ro!!!!” commented an Instagram user. “The funniest child we know! You rock Ro!” said another. “Hahahaha this is so good!” wrote a third. Another individual posted, “This is fantastic.”
The boy is also a fan of legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan and has many videos of him impersonating him. He has 18,000 followers on Instagram.

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