Bowman’s Travel Brief: Another Variation

Another variant of COVID-19 is causing more travel changes.

The Omicron variant has an impact on the industry, closing flights and closing borders.

Just as we saw last summer with the Delta variant, countries around the world are reacting for what they think is best.

However, it is important to note that medical experts from the World Health Organization are advise against any immediate overreaction until this new variant can be further investigated.

In fashion now

This virus has changed so many things in the way we live, and especially in the travel industry.

But we have to keep moving forward and living our lives.

I don’t believe blocks and bans are the answer yet.

There will always be a risk in traveling. This was true before a global pandemic.

That risk has increased, of course, but there are some steps travelers can take to keep their safety and wallet safe.

Work with a travel counselor. Get travel insurance. Get vaccinated and / or get tested for COVID before you travel. Wear the mask where necessary. Practice good hygiene and wash your hands.

Traveling is different now. Eventually we’ll skip that phase of having to take extra steps before going on a trip, but for now, that’s where we are.

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