Botter tackles climate change head-on in its SS22 collection



Botter is all too aware of the urgency of the climate emergency we are facing right now. The brand has tackled the issue head-on in its Spring / Summer 2022 collection, which is aptly titled GGlobal warning, at Paris Fashion Week. “It’s not enough to just make clothes anymore,” said co-creative director Rushemy Botter. Vogue.

For Botter and his partner Lisi Herrebrugh, the damaging impact we have on the oceans of our world is an issue that is particularly close to their hearts, which is why the couple have implemented a coral nursery off Curaçao, where Botter is from, during the pandemic, to restore coral reefs destroyed by rising temperatures.

This season, the brand has partnered with the environmental organization Parley For The Oceans, in order to integrate recycled plastic, collected in the world’s oceans, into its creations. Sixty percent of the fabrics used for Spring / Summer 2022 are made from this material.

“We wanted to let matter speak, in a way [to] show the long journey it took to finally be worn on your body, ”the designers explained in their show notes. “We want it to be a symbol of hope and beauty, [to] give the wearer the opportunity to be a part of something bigger and [be] proud to wear the piece. It is modern luxury.

Pushing the limits of modern luxury is at the heart of what Botter does, the brand juxtaposing couture with diving-inspired pieces, while continuing to establish itself as an “aquatic brand”. On the accessories side, diving masks and umbrella hats (results of a collaboration with umbrella manufacturer Piganiol) shed light on the apocalyptic world we could be heading towards, as severe floods and tropical storms become more and more frequent as a result of climate change.

There is no doubt that Botter’s Spring / Summer 2022 collection puts the climate crisis at the forefront of our minds, which is exactly where it should be. Here, the star seems to be noted from next season.


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