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BART’s board of directors on Thursday ratified tentative agreements on existing employment contracts that will give wage increases to BART workers.

Wage increases will total 10.5% over three years for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Amalgamated Transit Union and Service Employees International Union and unrepresented employees and 10.5% over four years for agency police unions, BART officials said.

The total four-year cost of salary increases for the BART operating budget is expected to be $123.8 million, and the four-year capital budget costs, which are primarily reimbursable from capital projects and other sources outside of the operating budget, are expected to be $42.2 million, officials said.

The last general wage increase for BART employees was in July 2020, although senior managers and executive staff did not receive a raise, transit agency officials said.

In 2020, most employees received a 2.75% raise. BART police received a pay raise in July 2021.

BART officials said not raising wages would have exacerbated current staffing issues in a tight labor market and potentially impacted service.

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