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If you count brands like Klaris and Saturday Skin among your skincare favorites, you’ll want to pay close attention to all of the great discounts available on other top K-Beauty products on the Holiday Skin sale. Care Wonderland by Soko Glam. Until November 29, you can enjoy up to 30% Sitewide Discount on Top Selling Beauty Items with the code SGWONDERLAND30 at the register. Because in the midst of the first holiday shopping and preparing your Black Friday 2021 game plan, you also deserve some extra pampering.

Whether you’re looking for a top-notch night cream, eye mask, or oil cleanser, there are plenty of great options at Soko Glam that make it easy to refresh your essentials. skin care. We’ve spotted rare offerings across retailer’s Good (Skin) Days domestic brand line-up, as well as Son & Park’s cult Cleansing and Exfoliating Beauty Water. To deliver your favorite K-Beauty selections to your doorstep even faster, we’ve rounded up some of the best must-see skincare markdowns at Soko Glam to shop now before this holiday sale ends at the end of the month. .

Editor’s Note: The Soko Glam holiday sale the discount is not eligible on gift boxes or Then I Met You products.


Clean It Zero Original Cleansing Balm

With over 1,200 customer reviews and nearly a five-star rating, it’s no secret that this beloved rose scent cleansing balm is a must-have for washing off even the most stubborn makeup.


Beauty water

This best-selling product is not your ordinary makeup remover water: using a mixture of lavender and rose water, along with orange and papaya extracts, this product helps brighten and smooth dull skin.


Yuzu Vitamin C Luminous Eye Cream

Here’s an eye moisturizer that contains yuzu herbal niacinamide and vitamin C as the top ingredients to lighten dark eyes and minimize fine lines.


Freshly squeezed vitamin C drop

Speaking of vitamin C, this fragrance-free serum uses five percent of the ingredient to help fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation.


On The Bright Side Moisturizer

This creamy yet lightweight moisturizer absorbs quickly into the skin and pairs perfectly with your favorite SPF to lock in moisture and protection.



Cosmic dew water cleanser

Here is an ideal hydrating cleanser for sensitive skin because it uses a blend of glycerin and hyaluronic acid to keep the skin supple and soothed.


True Micro Ferment Essence

This coveted hydrating essence is powered by a range of naturally fermented ingredients that easily brighten and plump dull skin.


Nourishing Lip Care Night Pack

Use this vanilla mask as the last step in your evening skincare routine to keep lips super hydrated when you wake up.


Licorice pH balancing cleansing tonic

Soko Glam buyers are thrilled with this best-selling toner, which currently has over 1,600 customer reviews to date and a 4.5-star rating. One buyer explains, “The smell of toner is not too overwhelming and I feel so clean and pampered after each application!



MadeCera Cream

Since this non-greasy moisturizer contains soothing centella asiatica extract and ceramides, it’s great for fighting redness and irritation while keeping your skin hydrated.


Sun Project Light Solar Essence

Wearing sunscreen is a must all year round, especially when it is broad spectrum and does not leave white streaks, like that of the K-Beauty brand Thank You Farmer. Bonus: it also contains a subtle apricot scent.


Soft shield button patch

To avoid scratching your pimples and speed up the healing process, consider adding these almost invisible pimple patches to your daily skincare rotation. They are intentionally developed to stick to curved areas of the face, such as the chin, nose, and jaw.


Handling of problems

For a slightly more potent acne treatment, these patches use a two-step system – first, a swab soaked in salicylic acid and tea tree oil, then a micro-needle hydrocolloid patch – to achieve stubborn hormonal acne and cystic acne hidden deep within your skin. pores.



Waterfall Moist 100 Balanced Hyaluronic Acid

This hyaluronic acid serum instantly plumps thirsty skin, so say goodbye to fine lines from dehydration and dryness.


Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream

You can expect to have more moist skin after using this snail mucin based moisturizer designed to regenerate cells and increase overall skin firmness.

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