Arizona officials say COVID-19 cases tend to drop



TUCSON (KVOA) – University of Arizona President Dr Robert Robbins and AU Campus Re-entry Task Force Director Dr Richard Carmona provided an update on the COVID on Zoom.

They said they were encouraged by the way cases continue to drop.

Results last week showed a positivity rate of 1.3%, up from 1.7% two weeks ago.

While the numbers are moving in the right direction, officials have stressed the importance of not being complacent, especially with Family Week and Comings Home quickly approaching.

“Our university is starting to percolate again; our activities, our sports, our intercollegiate athletics, the Pac-12 and our varsity athletics have been fantastic in working with us to generate protocols that will allow us to come out of COVID exhaustion, and enjoy sport and intercollegiate relations, etc. ”said Dr Richard Carmona.

There are nine pick-up and drop-off stations on campus where students can get tested as part of the Cats Takeaway Testing program.

They have the capacity to do 3,000 tests per day but would like to do more.

Officials also announced that October 11 will be the time when they will begin offering booster shots to the campus community,

In the meantime, they say to “wear”, mask and vax.


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