Amazon just put a ton of popular KN95 face masks on sale


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Editor’s Note: Effective July 6, 2021, the Food and Drug Administration revoked its emergency authorization list of respirator models not approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health made in China due to the increased supply and availability of NIOSH Approved Respirators. All of the KN95 masks included in this story were selected based on ratings, reviews, and bid prices.

In case you missed it, new discounts on thousands of products drop every day on Amazon as it sells Epic Deals, from clothing to beauty products to electronics. While tons of big-ticket items are on sale (hello, Airpods), so are everyday essentials like face masks. In fact, tons of popular KN95s are on the decline right now, which we don’t see very often, especially with prices starting at just $ 8.

Here are seven KN95 face mask deals that you can take advantage of on Amazon right now:

Brands like Huheta, SupplyAid and Boncare are on sale, all of which have thousands of five-star ratings from buyers who relied on their KN95 masks during the pandemic. Huheta’s face masks, which are one of the best-selling options in the Cup Dust Safety Masks category, are on sale in all colors including black, light blue, gray, burgundy, navy blue. and even its fun multicolored pack. You can buy a 30 pack for $ 30, or a 60 pack for $ 48.

“These are VERY nice masks. With five layers of protection and a soft, skin-friendly material, I can wear these masks comfortably for long periods of time,” wrote one buyer. “They fit my nose and cheeks well, and although they may be a bit longer, they cover my chin well as long as I maintain the length of my beard… I have bought a lot of masks over the course. last ten months or so. This product easily ranks in the top two for quality, comfort and overall satisfaction. “

Buy it! Huheta KN95 Face Masks, Navy Blue, Pack of 30, $ 29.99 (Orig. $ 45.99);

Buy it! Huheta KN95 Face Masks, Multi-Color, Pack of 60, $ 47.59 (Orig. $ 69.99);

The cheapest KN95 pack you can get right now is from SupplyAid, which costs just $ 8 for a five pack. The masks have racked up 52,700 five-star ratings from buyers over the past year, who say they are of high quality, comfortable and “breathable.” One customer even said that he “saved [their] mental health “at the airport after having to travel for 26 hours. They said it did not come off in their sleep, hurt their ears at the end of the trip and did not press nose or mouth, which helped “not to lose [their] mind or feel suffocated. “

Buy it! SuppyAid KN95 Face Masks, White, Pack of 5, $ 7.98 (Orig. $ 16.99);

You can also buy a pack of top selling KN95 Kids at over 30 percent off. Parents say they are “worth every penny” and are suitable even for adults with smaller faces. One buyer said Missaa masks fit their children “much better than one size fits all” and overall appeared to “be made with great attention to detail.”

Buy it! Missaa KN95 Face Mask for Kids, Black, Pack of 50, $ 53.19 (Orig. $ 78.99);

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