Alaska Senator Murkowski denounces comparisons between mask mandates and Nazism to plead her state


Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski (right) expressed concern and frustration at the rising number of COVID cases in her state on Friday, denouncing comparisons between mask warrants and Nazism.

Why is this important: The number of weekly cases in Alaska has risen steadily in recent months, jumping 10% from last week, according to state health data. Meanwhile, anti-vaccines continue to protest against mandates for masks and vaccines in increasingly hostile situations.

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What she says: “We are currently leading the nation in our COVID rates,” Murkowski said in his Senate speech. “We are sufficiently separated geographically, but thanks to the benefits of air and road travel, we mix, we mix, we move and the virus knows no bounds.”

  • “If Alaska were a country, it would be the country with the highest per capita case rate in the world,” she added, citing data from Johns Hopkins University. The state’s healthcare system is barely resisting the onslaught, she noted.

  • “We had some just horrible and horrible confrontations at our town hall meetings in Anchorage,” she noted.

  • The top of the fold in the Anchorage newspaper concerns an assembly meeting where individuals wore yellow Stars of David to protest the mask ordinance passed by the Anchorage Assembly, comparing a mask warrant to the Holocaust. It’s shocking. “

  • She urged people to respect healthcare workers who put their lives at risk.

  • “We can have disagreements. We can have different points of view,” said the moderate Republican. “We can express them without degrading, without denigrating, without humiliating and making fun of each other.”

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