A Major Spider-Man Villain Makes a Marvel Return

One of Spidey’s most notorious foes – who has always had a mysterious identity – is set to appear in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man #11.

The Hobgoblin returns to torment the world of Spider-Man in the next The amazing spider man #11, but the face behind the grinning ghoul mask remains a mystery for now.

An overview for The Amazing Spider-Man #11 reveals that The Hobgoblin’s return occurs just as the cash-strapped Peter takes a new job at Oscorp. Previously, Peter had been approached by Norman Osborne about a job offer in The Amazing Spider-Man#2. Norman hinted that Peter had nothing to lose by accepting, especially since he had already asked Norman for help in a mysterious incident that has yet to be discussed. a survey in the series.

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  • ZEB WELLS (F) • JOHN ROMITA JR. (air conditioner)
  • Variant cover by CARLOS GÓMEZ
  • Miracleman Variant Cover by PATRICK GLEASON
  • • The timing of this goblin’s return with Peter working at Oscorp MUST be a coincidence, right?
  • • But who puts on the yellow hood? Roderick Kingsley? Ned Leeds? Flash Thompson? If you know anything about Hobgoblin, you know you know nothing about Hobgoblin.
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

One of the issue’s covers also shows the Hobgoblin mask held by a red arm wearing a black and gold gauntlet. This is the outfit of the Goblin Queen, which appeared in issue 88 of the previous volume of amazing spider man as one of the new characters in the recent “Beyond” arc, which saw Ben Reilly temporarily replace a hospitalized Peter Parker. Created by the infamous Beyond Corporation, Queen Goblin is a Dr. Ashley Kafka clone with mental programming influenced by Norman Osborn’s sins from his days as the Green Goblin. Its connection to the Hobgoblin remains to be seen, but The amazing spider man #11 may present a dangerous confrontation between the heir to the Goblin legacy and one of its most notorious villains.

The Hobgoblin debuted in his iconic yellow and blue costume in the pages of 1983 The Amazing Spider-Man #238, and the mystery of her true identity has become a major part of her appeal. A number of key players in the world of Spider-Man have worn the Hobgoblin mask. The two most notable characters to impersonate the villain are Ned Lees – fellow daily bugle journalist alongside Peter Parker – and Roderick Kingsley, a fashion designer who found the Green Goblin’s gear, created the character of Hobgoblin and brainwashed Ned into acting like a patsy for him .

The Amazing Spider-Man #11 is written by Zeb Wells, drawn by John Romita Jr., and features covers by Romita and Carlos Gomez. A special cover variant of Miracleman by Patrick Gleason is also available. The issue will go on sale in October.

Source: Marvel

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