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The video of the girl dancing with folk dancers in Udipi of Karnataka was posted on Twitter.

A video involving a child and a group of folk dancers has become a source of entertainment for many on Twitter. The wholesome video shows the little one joining a folk dance performance and stealing the show. Shared on the Visit Udupi Twitter handle, the video is a delightful watch.

The video opens to show the little one standing in front of one of the folk dancers. In a few moments, he invites her to dance. What follows next is an enthusiastic performance from the girl. This is one of those videos that can have you grinning from ear to ear.

“OH MY GOD! That’s super cute,” read the caption posted with the video. In a tweet on the thread, some additional information about the folk dance was also shared. “Pili Vesha in “Tiger Masque” is a unique folk dance on the coast of Karnataka. Here, young boys and men paint their bodies with yellow and brown stripes, wear a tiger mask on their faces, and dance to the rhythm of drums. Pili vesha is performed during Dasara and Krishna Janmastami,” the comment read.

Take a look at the video:

The video was shared a few days ago. Since being tweeted, the clip has racked up over 5.5 lakh views and the numbers are only growing. Separately, the tweet also garnered nearly 32,000 likes. The sharing also prompted people to post various comments.

“So cute,” said one Twitter user. “The little girl is A! And kudos to the parents for instilling these traditions and values ​​in the children…” another commented. “This girl is such a superstar,” said a third. “Wow. Super cute,” wrote a fourth.

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