11 best Amazon Prime Day 2022 moisturizer deals to keep your skin happy and hydrated all winter long: View Deals, Shop Now

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is here – and there are hundreds and hundreds of deals in the beauty category only. The timing couldn’t be more perfect considering the rapid change in weather (and terribly cold transition to winter) means complexions are feeling more parched than ever.

If you’re looking for a solid moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated throughout the cold season, we’ve compiled a list of better moisturizing deals to buy this Amazon Prime Day. From 50% off a Farmacy moisturizer oil to 50% off a French-approved moisturizer, it’s time to beef up your skincare routine at a deep discount with these nine Amazon Prime moisturizer picks.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 Moisturizing Gel Deals

Belif The Real Cream Moisturizing Bomb

Biossance Squalane + Moisturizing Probiotic Gel

Versed Dew Point Hydrating Gel-Cream

Prepare your complexion for 24-hour hydration with Real Belif’s Cream moisturizing bomb. Inside this little jar is a powerful trio of nourishing ingredients that make this cooling gel formula so effective: Comfrey Leaf to revitalize dull complexion, Vitamin B to help your skin retain more moisture and oatmeal to soothe flaking and irritation.

Redness has no chance against Biossance Squalane + Probiotic Moisturizing Gel, a cream-gel infused with red seaweed and ginger extract to soothe irritation and rosacea. A high dose of squalane also provides instant, refreshing hydration and a dewy complexion. Plus, this formula absorbs quickly and doesn’t create oily T-zones.

Oily skin also needs extra hydration in the colder months, that’s when Versed dew point Sodium hyaluronate and aloe vera juice help your skin retain moisture while green tea extract fights breakouts and keeps excessive oil production at bay. This jelly-like formula will have you waking up to hydrated skin that doesn’t feel greasy.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 Night Cream Deals

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

Cetaphil Rich Moisturizing Night Cream

Padina pavonica, chlorella and ginkgo biloba are the plant active ingredients that feed Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. This lightweight gel formula dramatically increases hydration while reducing the appearance of fine lines, improving elasticity and softening the skin; apply a pea-sized amount each morning for best results.

Ideal for dry, normal and sensitive skin, Cetaphil Rich Moisturizing Night Cream should be added to your skincare arsenal if you want an affordable (yet effective!) moisturizer. This intensely hydrating formula uses hyaluronic acid and vitamins C and E to deliver instant, fast-absorbing hydration, all without a troublesome complexion prone to irritation.

Avène Thermal Spring Water Hydrance Rich Moisturizing Cream

First Aid Beauty Jumbo Ultra Repair Cream (14 oz.)

If you love thicker moisturizers but hate taking the product out of the jars, then run to Amazon to pick it up. Avène Thermal Spring Water Moisturizing Cream – a powerful formula that is beautifully packaged in a squeeze tube. Ultra-dry and sensitive skin will drink up this slow-release combo of spring water, lipids and shea butter, which provides hydration that lasts good after the first application and instantly soothes tightness.

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