10 villain costumes that prioritize style over function


There was a lot of excitement and celebration around Kohei Horikoshi My hero university since its inception, but it has managed to maintain that popularity and stay at the forefront of the shonen genre. My hero university never runs out of exciting conflicts where his heroes and the intimidating villains come to blows and the series effectively introduces both groups of powerful individuals.

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The characters in My hero university most often focus on quirks and reinforcements, but a suitable costume is also paramount, especially for the bad guys. Villains must be able to scare their prey, but there is no shortage of costumes that foolishly trade practicality for fashion.

ten Gentle Criminal’s flair for whimsical fashion reduces its impact

Sweet criminal having tea with La Brava

It’s always interesting to see what extremes individuals will adopt when they need to develop a costume. So many different angles can be taken and each has a unique understanding of what the visuals command power and gear. Gentle Criminal is in desperate need of validation, but he unexpectedly turns into a serious threat to Deku thanks to the help provided by La Brava. Gentle Criminal has an Elasticity Alter, but his costume resembles that of an old lord of England. It’s a whimsical, pompous look that suits her love for tea, but doesn’t help her powers.

9 It’s hard to say that Curious is even a villain with his choice of costumes.

Anime My Hero Academia Curious Villain

My hero university really allows its antagonists to shine during season five’s “My Villain Academia” long arc. This series of episodes not only highlights Shigaraki and the League of Villains, but also the opposing members who occupy the Meta Liberation Army. Chitose Kizuki, also known as Curious, is a prominent member of the Evil Organization. Curious has a fascination with interrogation, which fuels his Quirk, but none of his interests or powers are represented in his costume. Curious’s comfy civilian clothes and feathered boa are hardly noticeable, and even come close enough to Mina Ashido’s style.

8 Dabi represents a black hole of darkness and one of the most vindictive villains

Dabi is a special villain in My hero university since the series keeps him at bay for an extended period, only to reveal that he has a major link with the Todoroki family.

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Dabi’s fire-centric Quirk is among the hottest powers in the series. Dabi takes a less is more approach with his villain costume, which is a sleek trench coat that hides his body and the many burn scars that cover it. Dabi’s costume emphasizes her mysterious and terrifying nature, but it doesn’t compliment her Quirk in any way.

7 Re-Destro looks like a corporate figurehead, not a top villain

Season five of My hero university present Re-Destro at the head of the Meta Liberation Army, a powerful organization that opposes the League of Villains and has a very specific manifesto regarding the future of the company. Re-Destro largely operates in the shadow of his fallen father, Destro, which may be why his villainous look is so forgettable. Re-Destro possesses incredible power and a Destructive Quirk where he has enhanced durability abilities, but he wears a drab suit and tie. It’s hard to say he’s even the one in charge, which is in stark contrast to Shigaraki’s look.

6 Overhaul relies on artificial conventions for his villainous look

My hero university becomes seriously more mature once Overhaul, Kai Chisaki, enters the fray. Overhaul accomplishes an incredible amount as a villain, and his manipulative treatment of the innocent Eri is among the most reprehensible activities in the entire series. Review is no laughing matter and his ability to merge and co-opt powers makes him a true monster. However, Overhaul’s standard look is a beak-shaped plague mask and a warm collar jacket. On their own, they stand out, but there are so many villains who use the plague mask approach that it makes Overhaul look unremarkable in comparison.

5 Magne is more comfortable in standard clothing than in a spooky theater

Anime My Hero Academia Villain Magne

Kenji Hikiishi, better known by his villainous nickname, Magne, is one of the My Hero Academia’s more obscure antagonists. Magne is eliminated relatively early in the series and doesn’t enjoy as long a lifespan as other enemies. Magne, as the name suggests, has control over a quirk of magnetism.

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There is a lot of potential in this power, but Magne wastes the opportunity in both execution and style. Magne’s villain outfit is basically just a cardigan and shirt. He’s got a bulky body, but otherwise it’s not clear that he even has an Quirk, let alone functions like a villain.

4 Kurogiri’s button-down look clashes with his intensity

Kurogiri holding the bar

Kurogiri is introduced in My hero university as one of Shigaraki’s most essential pillars within the League of Villains, but the individual’s past has developed in horrific ways. Kurogiri is revealed to be in fact a Nomu and the result of a morbid experience that turned an ancient hero into this evil abomination. Kurogiri’s essence is ethereal and supernatural, making his costume a stark contrast. Kurogiri wears a waistcoat, tie, and business attire, as if he’s on a job interview or working in an office. It doesn’t match his powers at all.

3 Muscular’s approach to keeping it simple isn’t enough to make an impression

Some people in My hero university adopt obtuse names that keep their Quirks a mystery, but there are others like Muscular where confusion over their powers is impossible. Muscular is another villain who doesn’t really think about how he looks. He’s wearing a tank top, which shows off his muscles nicely, but that’s really the bare minimum here. There are so many creative ways to impart strength or muscle with a costume, even if Muscular just turned to a more inspired pattern for his tank top.

2 Gecko adopts proven ideas that turn him into a cliché

Anime My Hero Academia Gecko Quirk Sword

Some quirks in My hero university transform the user’s body and are impossible to hide. This is the case with Shuichi Iguchi, also known as the Gecko, who is basically a large lizard. Gecko looks to a certain extent like a reflective commentary on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who is also portrayed in the Gecko villain costume. Gecko wears pieces of clothing that carry a ninja aesthetic and make him appear more battle-hardened, but none of this actually serves a practical purpose. Iguchi’s Quirk doesn’t benefit the way he presents himself to the world.

1 Skeptic hides in black and disappears in the background

Tomoyasu Chikazoku is one of the newer villains to enter My hero university and he is another of the most valuable assets on which Re-Destro relies in the Meta Liberation Army. Chikazoku operates under the villainous title, Skeptic, and possesses a Deadly Quirk who can transform objects and individuals into obedient puppets. This is all impressive, but oddly enough, Skeptic’s outfit is just black, nondescript clothes that make him appear invisible. Skeptics might want to avoid the attention, but there are always ways to do it and wear a costume that takes advantage of your Quirk.

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