10 Best Villains In ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’

Spanning nearly 40 years of releases, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is filled with even weirder characters. The manga and anime of the same name follow a cast of characters embarking on adventures across the world, encountering allies and foes along the way. Some of these characters stood out more than others, basically the creme de la creme of villains.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is divided into distinct parts, each following a new descendant in the Joestar family line. The series begins with Johnathan Joestar and currently has eight parts, all of which feature a new protagonist Joestar. At this time, the series is still ongoing.

10. Gray Fly – Stardust Crusaders

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In Stardust Crusaders, Jotaro Kujo must travel to Egypt to defeat a powerful enemy in order to save his mother’s life. While attempting to fly from Japan to Egypt, Jotaro, his grandfather Joseph Joestar, and his friends are attacked on the plane. Gray Fly is a Stand user with the power of Grey’s Tower, which allows him to control a giant beetle that can move at incredible speeds and tear through flesh with ease.

It is revealed that Gray Fly has been involved in many crimes and massacres, including plane crashes and train wrecks. Gray Fly is not joking. Unlike most villains in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, he’s a cold-blooded killer with a massive body count.

9. Anjuro Katagiri – The diamond is unbreakable

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The diamond is unbreakable begins with a serial killer who has made his mark in a small coastal town in Japan. The killer is Anjuro Katagiri, a Stand user who has the Aqua Necklace ability, which allows him to take over or kill those he walks into. He primarily uses it to kill after somehow having his victims swallow his position.

Before coming to power, Anjuro was convicted of rape and theft when he was 12 years old. He then served 20 years in prison and was hanged for his crimes. After surviving and gaining his abilities, he goes on a killing spree until he finally encounters Josuke Higashikata, the Joestar who finally brings him down.

8. Terence T. D’arby – Stardust Crusaders

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During Jotaro’s journey to rescue his mother, he encounters Dio Brando’s henchmen, who try to stop him. One such villain is Terence T. D’Arby, a man who can win the souls of others through bets or dares.

Unlike most villains on the show, Terence is incredibly intelligent and confident in his abilities. Nor does he use violence to stop the group. Instead, he inspires them to fight against his video game skills. Once he beats someone, their soul is taken from them and he places it in a small doll. He enjoys collecting the souls of those he has defeated and keeping them locked away, having a small collection which he shows to the group.

7. Kars- Fight Tendency

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The main scenario of Fight Tendency is the resurrection of the Pillar Men, a group of ancient superhumans who are the origin of vampire legends. They are extremely intelligent and strong but are weak against the power of the sun. Kars is the leader of the four who are brought back to life. When he awakens, he immediately seeks the power to immunize himself against the sun and take over the planet from the “lesser” human race.

He is the deadliest and most sadistic of the group. He despises the human race and technology. Kars is a classic villain character who provides the ultimate challenge for Joseph Joestar to beat in the race to save the world.

6. Eats insects – The diamond is unbreakable

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While most on this list are primarily human, Bug-Eaten are two rats who gained Stand powers when shot with the Magic Arrow by Akira Otoishi. After surviving the arrow wound, Bug-Eaten attacks both Jotaro and Josuke. Ratt is a support ability that’s akin to a sniper rifle, firing corrosive darts over 200 feet and melting anything it touches. These rats actually almost manage to kill Jotaro, a feat that many of the villains that came before couldn’t.

5. Funny Valentine’s Day – Steel ball race

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As the 23rd President of the United States, Funny Valentine is the main antagonist of the Steel ball race part of the series. He is the ultimate mastermind behind the Steel Ball Run race and has the ability to travel through parallel universes. He will do whatever it takes for his country, the United States of America, including sacrificing his own men and even killing them himself.

4. Hol Horse – Stardust Crusaders

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Although Hol Horse is not a cold killer, he is one of the most sensible of the group. Unlike most villains in Stardust Crusaders, Hol Horse recognizes when he is outclassed and retires from the fight. He also teams up with other Stand users, instead of just taking charge of the group on his own.

Even with his ability to control the trajectory of his bullets, Hol Horse is never a real threat to the heroes. In true fashion, Hol Horse is a lover, not a fighter, as shown by his many girlfriends all over the world.

3. Diavolo/Doppio Vinegar – golden wind

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As the main antagonist of golden wind, it’s no surprise to most that Diavolo is on this list, having buried his mother alive with her mouth sewn under the house of the priest who raised him. As the boss of the Passione crime syndicate, Diavolo goes to great lengths to keep his identity a secret, including attempting to kill his own daughter.

This is partly due to his dissociated disorder, which leaves him with split personalities, both of which have violent tendencies. His disorder is believed to have been caused by the abuse they suffered as children, but this was never confirmed on the show.

2. Yoshikage Kira- The diamond is unbreakable

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Yoshikage Kira is the big bad of The diamond is unbreakable. As a paraphilic serial killer, he has haunted the small town of Morioh for decades. He stalks and kills women in order to fulfill his hand fetish, which he takes from his victims.

His Stand ability allows him to completely destroy the rest of the body, leaving no traces, which is how he managed to kill for so long without getting caught. He is highly intelligent and self-centered, but his need to kill is his undoing.

1. Dion Brando- Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency, Stardust Crusaders, Steel Ball Run

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Dio Brando is the MVP of the entire series, being the original villain of the first part and continuing to appear throughout the franchise. He also influenced many events in the series, having created many other villains on this list, either by chance or on purpose.

After stealing Jonothan Joestar’s stone mask in 1888, he becomes a super-powered vampire. With his newfound immortality and powers, he begins to amass followers, which he spawns as vampires like himself. Although he ultimately fails, he continues to find new ways to get back into the world and once again try to take over. Dio is the ultimate villain who can’t be taken down no matter how many times he’s beaten by the Joestar Family.

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