10 Best Eddie Munson Scenes In Stranger Things

stranger things 4 has arguably been the show’s best season so far. Brilliant storytelling, interesting new characters, and further character development pleasantly surprised fans of the Netflix series. Season 4 introduced a range of new characters. While Vecna ​​was the season’s big bad, Eddie Munson quickly became a fan favorite.

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The heavy metal lover and dungeon master has a heart of gold. Any scene that included Eddie was sure to be memorable and full of fantastic acting. Eddie quickly carved his way into the hearts of stranger things gang, and he had a lot of great scenes before his tragic death.

ten Eddie entered the dining room with a great speech

The school cafeteria was where viewers first met Eddie Munson. He begins by mockingly reading a press article on the supposed “dangers” of Dungeons & Dragons. Once he’s done poking fun at the ridiculous article, Eddie continues with an inspirational speech about stereotypes.

During Eddie’s speech, Jason Carver stands up and threatens him. In typical Munson fashion, the threat is met with Eddie striking a pose that looks like a devil with his tongue out. In this scene, he established that he was not conforming to expectations.

9 Eddie helped and connected with Chrissy

As head cheerleader, Chrissy Cunningham was the most popular girl at Hawkins High School. Unfortunately, she was facing problems at home and fell prey to Vecna, which amplified her suffering. Chrissy thought marijuana might help her, especially after she started feeling the effects of Vecna’s curse, so she turned to Eddie.

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Although Eddie was only there to sell Chrissy marijuana, he was able to help her in other ways. The tone of the conversation quickly changed from awkward to wholesome as Eddie was able to connect with Chrissy. Both remembered college. Eddie even managed to make her laugh and reassure her.

8 Eddie was the dungeon master everyone wants

Presented with Erica as a replacement for Lucas, Eddie is skeptical and does not want to keep her. Erica quickly shows her sassy attitude and J&D acquaintances, so Eddie welcomes him into the game. If anyone knew how to play, he was more than welcome in his game.

Eddie set the scene in ominous fashion for players as they faced off against the mighty Vecna ​​and his cultists in a battle to the death. The J&D group regrouped to decide whether to try their luck or flee. In this scene, Eddie delivers a line that will go back to stranger things several times: “There’s no shame in runningThe party defeats Vecna ​​and Eddie bows to congratulate them.

seven Eddie was forced to witness Chrissy’s end

Eddie brought Chrissy home for another drug deal. Eddie’s house was a bit disorganized and he has to look for the marijuana Chrissy wanted. Along the way, Eddie greeted his guitar with a kiss and a light strumming, and called it beautiful.

Unfortunately, during this scene, Chrissy was under the influence of Vecna. This leads to one of the show’s most iconic moments that has gone viral on TikTok, the “Chrissy Wake Up” scene. Eddie was extremely concerned about her, and rightly so. To his horror, he witnessed what happened to Vecna’s victims. The scene was tense and viewers could feel Eddie’s panic.

6 Eddie went diving and hooked up with Steve

The gang believed there would be a door to the Upside Down under the lake, so the older members went to check it out. Eddie had agreed to let Steve do the diving and had no desire to go down to the door. As such, he tried to discourage girls from going there. Bravely he eventually falls, but not without cursing the whole time and saying it was stupid.

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Once they get through the gate, Eddie and the others epically take down a group of protesters who had attacked Steve. Despite fighting and racing for their lives, Eddie took the time to tell Steve how “metallic” he thought Steve was and how the girls chased after him almost immediately. The two also bonded over their relationship with Dustin.

5 Eddie really looked like a killer

The Hawkins gang needed to stock up on weapons and supplies to enter the Upside Down and take down Vecna. However, Eddie was still the number one suspect in the Vecna ​​murders, so he couldn’t roam free. He needed some sort of disguise to hide his face, so he turned to Max for help.

The next thing viewers saw was a fuzzy tuft of brown hair and a menacing white face popping out of a street corner. Max’s disguise for Eddie was a Michael Myers mask she had worn for Halloween in a previous season. Nothing was funnier than seeing “Michael Myers” lead a group of kids to steal an RV.

4 Eddie’s fight with Dustin was adorably wholesome

As weapons were being made by the gang in Hawkins, Eddie and Dustin drove nails into metal trash can lids to create shields. Eddie displayed an upbeat and upbeat attitude, even saying, “There will be no more retirement of Eddie the Banished.” Dustin took the opportunity to make a bad bat-fighting pun.

Eddie looked at Dustin like he said something stupid but surprised Dustin by tackling him. The two playfully fought for a while and then shared a wonderful heart-to-heart moment. Eddie told Dustin never to change and promised he wouldn’t. The two share a strong brotherly bond, and all of the scenes with Eddie and Dustin were wholesome.

Eddie and Dustin were tasked with creating a distraction while Steve, Robin and Nancy attempted to sneak into Vecna’s house. In true metaller fashion, Eddie’s distraction was an incredible guitar solo played on the Upside Down version of his guitar. Eddie dedicated the song to Chrissy before he started performing. The scene has become one of the most iconic of the season.

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Although Eddie’s performance was amazing, it was even better knowing that the song Eddie played, “Master of Puppets” by Metallica, was released in March 1986, when stranger things 4 is defined. He was playing a brand new 80s heavy metal song in a danger zone, and his distraction succeeded.

2 Eddie bravely fought the Demobats

Demobats who had been drawn to Eddie’s performance attempted to break into the trailer he and Dustin were in. Dustin escaped but Eddie decided to cut the rope, sealing his fate to buy the others more time.

Eddie ran outside, grabbed a bike, and pedaled for his life as the swarm of beasts chased him. After being knocked off his bike, Eddie decided to take a stand by firing his spear and shield. He blocked and cut through the swarm even though it was futile, holding on for as long as he could.

1 Eddie’s final moments were heartbreaking

Eddie fought off the demobat swarm for as long as he could. Dustin desperately tried to return to the Upside Down but injured himself when he crossed. Screaming for Eddie, Dustin limped to where he was lying, which was among a pile of dead protesters.

Dustin tried to pick Eddie up but the Dungeon Master was too hurt. Proudly, he said one of the most heartbreaking lines: “I didn’t run away this time, did I?” Eddie had spent most of the season running from trouble. Eddie knew he was dying and made Dustin promise to take care of the “little sheep”. Tragically, his last words said he loved Dustin.

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