The business network, which operated throughout Spain


The Civil Guard has dismantled a network that defrauded more than 1,200,000 euros to small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) throughout Spain through the granting of false credits , in an operation in which ten members of the organization have been arrested and charged to another nineteen in A Coruña and Madrid.

, captured its victims through the Internet , reports the Directorate General of the Civil Guard. So far 178 affected have been detected although this figure can be increased considerably, according to the researchers’ estimates.

The network offered loans from the Official Credit Institute (ICO) to SMEs, who never received them , so those implicated are accused of alleged crimes of belonging to a criminal organization and fraud.

They offered the processing and granting of subsidies, financing and credits The investigation was initiated after the complaint filed by a neighbor of the Asturian town of Tineo in which he stated that he had been the victim of a scam for an amount of 1,200 euros , which he had paid to some companies located in Madrid and A Coruña.

After contacting these companies through the Internet, they had assured him of granting a loan from the ICO. The Civil Guard verified that these companies offered the processing and granting of subsidies, financing and credits with a good web positioning and a very careful corporate image.

The agents located a large number of people scattered throughout Spain who claimed to have been victims of scams in similar circumstances.

In most cases, the applicants were in a limited economic situation because they had to make an important payment for the processing of credits that were presented to them as an economic solution and that they never received.

All these people agreed in the description of the way in which they had been captured by a company located in a central street in Madrid with which they had contacted through the Internet.

Modus operandi

The operators of this company, after having telephone conversations and exchanging emails with potential customers, assured them of an easy grant of loans for variable amounts and asked them for advice and administrative expenses amounts of money ranging between 900 and 1,900 euros.

Once the interested parties agreed to contract the services offered, after making the corresponding income and transfers in a bank account of the company in Madrid, they were automatically transferred to another located in A Coruña, which was responsible for the alleged processing of the credits

In this last company, what had initially been offered as an easy procedure and granting of loans was to become an excessive and successive request for documents to carry out these requests.

These efforts were delayed in time to the point that in some cases the periods contracted by customers were extinguished and in others they gave up on contracted services tired of collecting and submitting so much documentation.

Once all the members of the group were located, ten of them were arrested and another nineteen were indicted for the aforementioned crimes.

So far 178 complaints have been collected for these events although the Civil Guard considers that the number of affected may be greater and that they will increase. In the operation, called Antelope , agents of the Judicial Police Organic Unit of the Civil Guard of Oviedo have participated with the support of agents of this Corps of A Coruña.

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